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Moving forward from a personal injury requires adapting to a new normal. At Velez Legal, P.A., we do more than protect the rights of Florida personal injury victims: We provide the compassionate guidance you need to reclaim control of your life.

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Injured In Florida? Know Your Options.

No one expects to suffer a serious personal injury. A car crash, slip-and-fall, or other accident can leave you frustrated, in pain and unsure of what to do next. Insurance companies have little interest in helping you understand how to treat your injury – and accepting a quick payment can prevent you from seeking the compensation you need to afford extensive medical care or rehabilitation.

At Velez Legal, P.A., we provide you with the guidance you need to make informed decisions after a Florida personal injury. We cut through the confusion and are with you through it all – listening intently to your story, building a strategy that fits your needs, and supporting you through every step of the legal and recovery processes.

Comprehensive Care For Florida Personal Injuries

The days and weeks after an injury-causing incident can be overwhelming. Whether you are still in the hospital or are recovering at home, the extent of the harm you have suffered may not yet be clear. You may not know which doctors to see or what type of physical therapies your injury may require; you may not understand how long your pain will last, or what adjustments living with your injury may entail.

In these demanding and exhausting situations, you need more than a knowledgeable lawyer. You need a team dedicated to helping you reclaim your life. At Velez Legal, P.A., we are not simply attorneys: We are compassionate allies, committed to providing you with answers and directions after a personal injury. By connecting our legal skills with the input of medical experts and a thorough evaluation of your needs, we can help you avoid predatory settlements, educate you on your options for compensation and pursue the justice you deserve.

Where Preparation Meets Passion

At Velez Legal, P.A., we combine the skills and experience that are essential to a successful personal injury case. Fearless, rigorous and focused on the truth, we interrogate every aspect of the accident that led to your personal injury – pouring over police and accident reports, working closely with medical professionals, and meeting directly with you to learn about your story. We help you understand what treatments and lifestyle adjustments your injury may require, and build a plan for securing compensation to pay for them.

This thorough preparation enables us to enter negotiations and litigation with confidence. Persuading insurance adjusters and swaying juries is a craft that we are dedicated to perfecting, and we pride ourselves on offering compelling, effective representation both in and out of the courtroom. As passionate trial attorneys, we are committed to pursuing the most complete compensation possible for your injuries.

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